Empowering Growth: From Soil to Success

The Fertilizer Manufacturers of Pakistan Advisory Council (FMPAC) is a collaborative forum representing all fertilizer manufacturers in Pakistan. Formed to promote, safeguard, and protect the common and legitimate interests of the fertilizer industry in Pakistan, and to offer support and facilitation to farmers.

Our primary objectives encompass advocating for the fertilizer industry, facilitating the farmers, aiding in policy development, fostering innovation, and ensuring sustainability in manufacturing practices. Moreover, FMPAC seeks to increase crop yield through effective representation before governmental and regulatory bodies and by upholding the principles of ethical business conduct.

Our charter, which lays down the foundation of our operation, focuses on maintaining a positive image of the fertilizer manufacturers among stakeholders, adhering strictly to legal guidelines, and collaborating extensively with educational institutions, research organizations, and international associations for mutual growth and development. We believe in providing maximum value not just to our member organizations but also to the farming community, the real backbone of Pakistan’s economy.


As the central authority representing all fertilizer manufacturers in Pakistan, FMPAC commits itself to a set of clear objectives. These objectives guide our strategies and actions in championing the interests of our industry and providing essential support to the farming community.

  • To advocate, defend, and uphold the shared and lawful interests of the fertilizer industry in Pakistan.
  • To serve as a representative for fertilizer manufacturing companies in front of governmental bodies and relevant regulatory agencies, aiding in the development and implementation of optimal policies to address various challenges facing the industry.
  • To gather, organize, and distribute historical data on fertilizer and agriculture to members and the Federal or Provincial Governments, ensuring no information is shared that could be considered anti-competitive.
  • To cultivate and sustain a positive image of the fertilizer industry within the country, among the government, farming community, and the general public.
  • To provide advisory services to the Government of Pakistan to prevent unnecessary imports and maintain a balance between fertilizer supply and demand through domestic production.
  • To encourage and facilitate cooperation among member companies, ensuring unified responses to issues with the Federal and Provincial Governments.
  • To maintain consistent communication with the government (federal and provincial) and associated departments and agencies concerning legislative measures impacting the fertilizer industry.
  • To foster a consensus among members concerning policies, procedures, and legislation related to fertilizer production, imports, and marketing, thereby allowing the group to address issues with the government with a unified voice.
  • To keep a steady connection with relevant ministries concerning policies that affect the fertilizer sector.
  • To undertake any actions that may be beneficial for extending the trade and commerce of its members or that may indirectly contribute to achieving this goal, with a special focus on fertilizer export.


As the Fertilizer Manufacturers of Pakistan Advisory Council (FMPAC), we adhere to a set of fundamental principles and guidelines embodied in our charter. This charter steers our operations and the conduct of our member organizations, paving the way for sustainable growth and significant contribution to Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

  • To foster and sustain a positive perception of Pakistan’s domestic fertilizer manufacturers among all stakeholders, including Federal and Provincial Governments, regulators, and gas suppliers.
  • To evade any conflicts of interest—actual or potential, present or future, financial or otherwise—that may arise either individually or collectively within Pakistan’s fertilizer manufacturers and the Company.
  • To abstain from endorsing any causes that could negatively impact, either individually or collectively, the fertilizer manufacturers of Pakistan.
  • To strictly avoid any activities, discussions, or information sharing that could constitute or be interpreted as a breach of any law, including the Competition Act of 2010.
  • To advocate common issues affecting the collective fertilizer manufacturing industry of Pakistan and individual member companies with various stakeholders, as long as no conflicts of interest are anticipated among other members.
  • To organize, conduct, and attend various activities such as press briefings, conferences, Q&A sessions, and media interactions. Also, to issue statements in print or electronic media, all following the prior approval and specific directives of the Company.
  • To actively participate in workshops, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences related to the fertilizer industry.
  • To consider members’ specific recommendations for a productive contribution toward Pakistan’s agricultural, economic, and social development.
  • To keep close relations with national and international fertilizer associations and organizations.
  • To initiate or support any actions aimed at resolving genuine grievances related to the business operations of member companies.
  • To maintain communication with farmers and fertilizer dealer associations, promoting collective interests in policy circles and providing facilitation to the farmers.

By staying true to our objectives and charter, FMPAC is committed to playing a transformative role in Pakistan’s fertilizer industry, contributing significantly towards the country’s agricultural, economic, and national food security.

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